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Old and frayed wiring can be very dangerous. Keep you and your family safe.

When old wiring is disturbed, the wiring can be broken or split which can cause loss of power or hot joints and may cause a fire hazard. Take small things seriously.


 Do you know what is behind your walls?

With extensive experience and knowledge, we can rewire your property safe and secure.  

Keep your wiring up to date. Revco Electrical also have Weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance plan and that can pick up problems before they become one.

We offer:

Service upgrades.

Conversion of fuse panels to circuit breaker panels      

Installation of chandeliers, sensor lights, Pot lights,  Dryers and Ranges.

GFCI and weather proof outlets.

Installation of dimmer switches, motion sensors, safety switches, air, pressure and limit switches.                  

Replacement of Knob-Tube and aluminum Wiring.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial wiring.

Wiring of custom build houses, modular homes and office trailers.

Outdoor Wiring and Landscape Low-Voltage Lighting.

Hot tub, water heater and sauna electrical installations.

Installation of baseboard heaters, wall mounted heaters, heated floors, snow melt stairs and driveways (no need to shovel the snow in dam cold wintry nights, call us for free information).

Generators, Motors, Transformers, emergency Equipment, Installation  and trouble shooting.

Designs and Build Control Panels and plc programming as required.

Service Calls, troubleshooting and repairs.

Preventive Maintenance.

Use of solar panels in the long run is cost effective and green energy


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